12 Best Fall Candles for 2017

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to pull out your pumpkin décor and start anticipating the 2017 release of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte. Fall candles are always one of the best parts of fall. They make everything seem cozy and less gloomy as the days get shorter and shorter. Plus there are some great scents that are really just for fall. And no, we aren’t just talking about pumpkin everything.

The biggest key to selecting your go-to fall candles is developing a mix that isn’t overpowering. Many fall scents are much more intense than every day candles so it is important to balance your love for fall with the addition of several new smells to your house. We have put together a list of several candles that we think are perfect for fall from more traditional pumpkin-scented candles to more subtle fragrances that remind us of fall!

Here are the 12 best fall candles for 2017 (plus where to buy them!):

Chesapeake Bay Pumpkin Latte


  1. Pumpkin Latte by Chesapeake Bay Candle

This candle has everything we love about fall all rolled into one! The base scent is pumpkin with notes of vanilla, brown sugar and maple that all mix together for that ultimate Pumpkin Latte experience. With cinnamon leaf and bay leaf essential oils to round out the aroma, this is the perfect candle to light while sitting by the fire.

The candle comes in a rustic silver tin that reminds us of a farm pail. It would look perfect surrounded by other fall décor. At almost 10oz, this is one of the more affordable candles on our list priced at $15. We love this candle choice for the fall-obsessed! If fall and all things pumpkin are your favorite parts of the year, then this is the candle for you.


Voluspa Cinnamon Ceylon and Copal


  1. Cinnamon Ceylon & Copal by Voluspa

The main fragrance in this candle is cinnamon making it a great choice for people who want a fall related candle that isn’t over-the-top. With a combination of cinnamon and copal notes, this candle transitions well from fall to winter making it the perfect choice for your ongoing holiday décor. The copal rounds out the cinnamon fragrance by adding notes of amber and balsamic with a mossy citrus scent. The final product is a smell that reminds you of all things fall and holiday-related. Plus cinnamon has a rich warmth to it that makes even the worst weather seem brighter.

We also love the packaging on this particular candle. The candle container has a black base with orange, yellow, brown and maroon colored squares in different sizes all around it. The overall effect is totally fall and sure to go with your Halloween décor as well as your Thanksgiving decorations. The price is also great at $16 for an 11oz candle! We love this candle for anybody who loves fall but doesn’t want an overwhelming pumpkin scent filling their house.


Ilume Cider Woods


  1. Cider Woods Large Glass Candle by llume

If you are someone who never quite got into traditional fall scents and prefer more summery fragrances, then this is the fall candle for you. This is a much fruitier candle than many on our list and combines notes of pear, apple and oak moss to create a distinctly fall scent that isn’t overwhelming. Since this candle plays on fragrances that are often used in spring and summer candles, it is easy to add into your décor without worrying about clashing smells. Plus the warm, sweet smell will remind you that summer will return not matter how long the winter seems.

This candle has a very neutral look which makes it an ideal addition for any design. The glass jar is mostly clear with a creamy hue to it. The tag is attached with a thin white rope and while we think the tag design is adorable, it could easily be removed if needed. This 18.5oz candle is also pretty well-priced at just $28. We would recommend this anybody whose favorite part of fall is the hot apple cider!


PF Candle Campfire


  1. 14: Campfire by P.F. Candle Co

This may not seem like a traditional fall candle but we always associated campfires and bonfires with fall. With a combination of smoke, pine, soil and sweet vanilla, this candle reminds us of everything we love about camping. Plus while it fits perfectly with other fall scents, its unusual fragrance profile will surprise and delight your guests. The woodsy scents are balanced with the sweetness of the vanilla and notes of raspberry making it appeal to just about everybody.

The candle may not be the cutest one on our list but the basic simplicity of it goes will with many decorating schemes. The glass jar has an orange tone to it which is perfect for fall plus the natural tag has a very rustic feel. This candle is in the mid-range in terms of price at $18 for a 7.2oz candle. If you aren’t crazy about traditional fall scents and themes, then this is the perfect fall candle for you.


Pottery Barn Fall Candle


  1. Highlands Recycled Mercury Candle Pot – Amber Sage from Pottery Barn

If you are looking for more, non-traditional fall candles, then this is another great option. The main fragrance here is a mix between sage and woodsy scents. Sage reminds us roasts, stuffing and Thanksgiving, which is perfect for fall. Plus the woodsy undertones with pine, musk, amber and moss all enhance the fall aroma. The middle scent of this candle adds in sweeter notes of jasmine, rose, and violet for a well-rounded candle that fits in year-round.

Our favorite part of this candle, however, is the container. The candle pot is produced from recycled, handblown glass, which means each container is unique and slightly different. The overall look is a silvery, white container that is smooth and modern looking. At just $29.99 with 55 hours of burntime, this is a great addition to any home. We like this for the trendy candle buyer who wants a piece that will last year round and be perfect with other fall scents.


Aesthetic Content Vanilla Leather


  1. Vanilla Leather by Aesthetic Content

If you are looking for something different this fall, this is a fun option that will last you through winter. While this company has a number of different scents that all could work for fall, we love this combination of vanilla and leather. This candle uses fragrances of vanilla bean with aged leather, mandarin orange and rich sandalwood to create an amazing aroma. The sweet, warm smell is perfect for the fall and winter plus it pairs nicely with other seasonal scents. While most of the fragrances are quite sweet, the smell of leather helps balance the overall scent.

This candle has another beautifully designed container that fits with just about any look. The sleek white glass jar has a light cork top for an overall neutral design that pairs with most décor. Plus when the candle is lit, the warm glow lights up the container. Sadly, great design comes at a cost. This 9.5oz candle is $36 making it more expensive than many on our list. We would recommend it for someone who generally chooses vanilla scents in their candles and wants a clean design that fits in with their everyday décor.


Chandler Candle Pumpkin Chia Tea


  1. Pumpkin Chai Tea by Chandler Candle Co

You can’t have a true list of fall candles without a few different pumpkin scented options. This candle is a great spin on the traditional pumpkin spice fall candle. The fragrances are less overpowering than many candles creating a clean, warm aroma of rich pumpkin with spicy chai tea. Light this candle in a room to make it instantly feel like fall.

We also love the look of this candle container with a clear glass jar and white soy wax candle. The simple monogram for the company is in black to add a pop to the finished look. We even love the candle packaging which is a kraft paper cylinder with a metal top. Overall it is the perfect fall gift for any occasion. At $20 for a 6.75oz candle, it is more expensive than many on our list but the beautiful packaging and delicious scent help make up for the price! We would recommend this for anyone who wants a fall related hostess gift or a great fall candle for themselves.


Cote Noir Salted Butter Caramel


  1. Salted Butter Caramel Candle by Côte Noir

Mix up your fall candle routine with this delicious salted butter caramel candle. It reminds us of hot buttered rum and caramel popcorn. With notes of rich caramel, sea salt and spun sugar, it is just what you need to warm you up! Plus we guarantee you will want a snack (and maybe a fall cocktail) to go along with it. The best thing about this candle is that the rich, sweet scent pairs well with all things pumpkin and apple making it the perfect addition to your regular fall candle display.

This candle container is also truly gorgeous. With a simple clear glass jar and big gold lettering with the candle company’s name it, you can easily fit this into any décor theme. We also love the apothecary style glass lid. Plus the packaging is also beautiful making it great to use as a gift. As with all beautiful candles, this one comes at an expensive price. For about 6.5oz of candle, it costs $30. However, you can always reuse the glass jar making it a great décor piece for years to come. We would recommend this for anyone who has a vintage, gold theme going in their house or who has other fall candles that they want to add to.


Brooklyn Candle Autumn Gold Travel Candle Set


  1. Autumn Gold Travel Candle Set by Brooklyn Candle Studio

If you really aren’t sure what candle scent is right for you this fall and you would rather have some options, this is the perfect collection for you. Plus since all of these candles come in travel tins, you can take them with you as you travel for the holidays. This set combines three classic fall fragrance profiles. The first is a Pumpkin Harvest candle that uses pumpkin fragrance along with notes of cinnamon, clove and ginger to round out the perfect pumpkin candle. Second is the Spiked Apple Cider candle with sweet apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange and cedarwood. You will definitely want some hot cider after lighting this one. And finally, the Cedarwood Vanilla candle. This last candle combines woodsy smells of cedarwood with sweet vanilla. The best part is that all three candles have similar fragrances between them so they go great together.

Each candle comes in an adorable gold travel tin with an illustrated sticker on top to identify the scent. We think they are a great addition to any room plus their small size makes them easy to move around and transport. The set of three 4oz candles is a total of $48 making it one of the more expensive options on our list. We recommend this candle for the indecisive buyer or anyone who is traveling often and wants to bring a bit of home with them.


NEST Pumpkin Chai


  1. Pumpkin Chai by NEST Fragrances

Any fall candle list is incomplete without a completely quintessential pumpkin candle. This one checks all the boxes. It has that classic pumpkin spice scent with notes of wild pumpkin, spice chai, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. If you want your home to scream all things fall, then this is the perfect option for you.

Plus the candle container is perfect for orange fall décor. The glass jar combines stripes of darker reddish orange and more classic pumpkin orange for a very fall look. It is sure to fit in with your Halloween decorations. The candle is another more expensive option on our list at $40 for a 8.1oz candle. If you are crazy about all things fall and looking for the perfect orange candle to add to your collection, this is the candle for you.


Fleur Brandied Apple


  1. Noir Collection – Brandied Apple by Fleur

This is another great candle for apple lovers. If apple picking and drinking hot cider are your favorite fall activities, then buy this candle. While the Noir Collection has a number of different scent options, we love the Brandied Apple fragrance for any fall decorations. With a mix of sweet apple, cinnamon, brandy and clove plus notes of vanilla and musk, this candle has everything you need to enjoy a rainy fall day.

The candle container is a dark grey-black glass jar with gold lettering on it. While the black may be a less traditional fall color, we think it fits well with almost any fall decorating scheme. Plus the small honeybee with the company logo is a cute touch. This is another more expensive option at $45 for an 8oz candle. But we think the great container helps make up for the cost. Choose this candle if you love all things apple and spice!


Tocca Giulietta Candela


  1. Giulietta Candela by Tocca

Last but not least on our list is this delightful apple candle. This may be the least intensely fall-themed candle on our list and is great year-round. The aroma of this candle includes fragrances of sweet green apple and delicate pink tulips. The combination makes it ideal for both spring and fall. It is a great option for someone who does not like traditional fall scents and wants something sweeter and lighter to remind them of the sun!

The candle comes in a beautifully shaped, clear glass jar with a white candle behind. This particular scent has a light green and gold label on the front which helps it blend with both fall and spring décor. At $42 for a 10oz, it is another more expensive option. Given how versatile, this candle is though we think it is worth the price! This is our pick for anyone who isn’t as fall-crazy but wants a candle that will go with the season.