7 Best Gold Decorative Candles

Finding a great candle for your home is about more than just finding a scent you like. Today there are amazing smelling candles being created by talented artisan candle makers across the country. It’s not hard to find something subtle yet delightful to brighten your house (and your day). The real problem is finding a candle that also matches your décor and color scheme for a given room.

There was a time when it felt like every candle I found that I loved was green. Now maybe this has something to do with my obsession with scents like green tea, eucalyptus and mint, but it definitely made it hard to fit my favorite candles into the style of our living room. So I was stuck with a difficult choice – choose the candle I love or a candle that looks good.

I realized that with a bit of research (and a decent amount of time) I could find great candles that smelled amazing and fit in with the design and look I was going for. The only problem was that it took time to find the candles, buy them and test them out! To save you the trouble of a similar problem, we’ve complied a list of some of our favorite candles that go with popular décor and design themes.

To start, we have found some of our favorite gold-toned candles. It’s true you can always just buy a candle holder and put a tea candle or pillar candle in it to get the effect you want, but often the best smelling candles come prepackaged. Plus a beautifully packaged candle can be a great addition to your décor as well as talking point for guests.

We picked gold to start off our candle guide because it is such a versatile tone that fits in a lot of common design looks today. Gold is timeless but often harder to find as many companies choose silver-toned containers for their candles. Finding the right gold candle for your space can take time but is totally worth it!

Here is our list of the best 7 gold candles you can use today!


Voluspa Crane Flower


  1. Embossed Glass Scalloped Edge Candle in Crane Flower from Voluspa

This candle is nothing short of breathtaking. Not only is it a gorgeous shade of gold but the design of flowers and ferns on the glass container creates interest and texture. Voluspa offers the same container in a variety of other colors as well.

The design on the candle is inspired by Japanese paper making and becomes even more beautiful as the candle is lit and starts burning wax. Burn time is approximately 50 hours but this candle is so beautiful you might just keep the container around long after it’s gone.

The candle scent is a delicate fragrance called Crane Flower. With soft notes of grapefruit, lavender, Bird of Paradise nectar and other flowers, it’s the perfect choice for a living room or office. The scent is warm and inviting without being overpowering! This candle is also one of our top picks for housewarming or hostess gifts. As a neutral scent, you can gift it to just about anybody.

Price: While it’s not the cheapest candle on our list, coming in at $20 for a 6.2oz candle ($3.22 per ounce), the beautiful design and great smell make it worth the price! Plus you get the added benefit of being able to buy matching candles in a variety of other colors to go with it!

Paddywax Verbena Patchouli


  1. Verbena & Patchouli 3-wich Brass Candle by Paddywax

Paddywax is one of our favorite candle brands. They have great scents and amazing packaging for all their candles. Plus they have fun ideas like cocktail themed candles!

This gorgeous 12oz candle comes in a gold “vessel” as they call it. They list the container as brass but it goes well with any and all gold décor in our experience. The top is a light, neutral wood that fits with many design styles. However, if you are going for a more modern look this may not be the candle for you. The raw wood top can always be removed though if you aren’t into it!

This soy candle has a rich and earthy smell that fills the room. It may not be quite as neutral as some of the other candles on our list but it creates a great fragrance for the home. The scent is a mix of Verbena and Patchouli as you can tell from the name. Verbena has that strong lemony smell that is great for a kitchen or great room. Patchouli can be a bit more of an acquired taste and has a warm nutty scent that can be slightly spicy.

Price: You get a bit more bang for your buck with candle over the first one on our list. It’s priced at $29 for a 12oz candle ($2.42 per ounce). While it’s certainly not cheap, quality candles often cost a bit more especially when they are well-packaged!

Capri Blue Volcano


  1. Volcano Candle Bowl by Capri Blue

This container or “candle bowl” isn’t completely gold like others on our list. However, it has neutral coloring and its gorgeous look combines well with any gold décor. The top is gold and the container is a beautiful etched glass. The glass is a mercury shade with little holes in it so you can see through to the candle. The holes create a pretty glow effect when the candle is lit and has burned down slightly. Overall we love the look and craftsmanship that went into creating it!

You can buy the candle bowl in a number of different scents but we love Volcano. It has that delicious rich smell of an Anthropologie store. The Volcano scent is a combination of tropical fruits and sugared citrus notes. It is a pretty specific smell that may not go well in a kitchen while cooking but is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. The warm, sweet smell is great year-round but we love it especially in the spring and summer.

Price: This candle seems expensive compared to many on the list at $40 but it’s also quite a bit bigger at 15oz ($2.66 per ounce). They also have a smaller 8oz version of the candle in mercury glass which looks similar but is obviously much smaller. Picking the right size for you is a question of how often you use it and where you are displaying it.

DW Home Bergamot Sage


  1. Bergamot Sage by DW Home

If your space has a boho, rustic style, then this is the candle for you. The glass jar has a circular sun-shaped design that adds great texture to the container. The top is a dark faux wood that definitely fits the boho look but may not go with every style. Instead of a sticker on the container, there is a piece of brown twine tied to the top of the jar with the label attached. To make the candle look less rustic and more in line with the gold theme, just get rid of the top and tag!

This candle has a great fragrance profile with a mix of bergamot and lemon combine with notes of lavender, sage, amber and musk. Bergamot is an inedible, bitter orange grown in Italy. It has some citrus notes which makes it pair well with lemon. The scent is similar to Earl Grey tea in many ways. Overall the candle has a rich herby, citrus scent that is fairly sweet.

Price: One of the cheapest candles on our list, this candle is $18 for 17oz, just over a dollar per ounce. DW Home generally has lower priced candles than many other boutique candle brands. While they may not have the trendiest packaging, many of their scents are great and affordable!

Bridgewater Candles Sweet Grace


  1. Sweet Grace Collection #012 by Bridgewater Candles

This candle is one of the smallest on our list but is a great size to use as part of a mixed collection on a mantel or shelf. The gold votive has a fun patterned texture that is great in a grouping. The gold is electroplated into a design on the glass in a geometric design. It also comes with a gold-toned lid. If you are looking for something shiny, this is the candle for you!

Similar to many candles on our list, this one features fruit fragrances as well as warmer, natural scents. The candle includes notes of tea and patchouli, which both contribute to the rich, earthy smell. We love this scent in a living room, office or bathroom! The fun texture adds a pop to any room as well as a peaceful scent.

Price: Coming in at $13 for a 4.6oz candle ($2.83 per ounce), it’s one of the more expensive ones on our list. But that’s the price you pay for electroplated designs! If you are buying this candle as more of a décor piece, however, it is definitely worth the money!

Brooklyn Candle Studio Green Tea and Lemongrass


  1. Green Tea Lemongrass Travel Candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio

Great things come in small packages with this 4oz travel candle. While it might not be the right choice as a focal point for your room, we love the gold candle tin and label design! While the tin itself is just a basic gold travel candle tin, the overall look of the candle is enhanced by the beautiful label going around it and on the lid. The scent along with ounces and burn time are right on the label!

We recommend this candle for desks and small end tables. Since it comes in a convenient travel tin you can also take it with you for instant relaxation wherever you are!

We also love the scent. Unlike many of the candles on our list, this fragrance is less sweet and bit more fresh. The mix of lemongrass and green tea is a subtle, soothing smell that is great for relaxation and focus! The lavender and jasmine fragrances will help aid in relaxation along with richer notes of bergamot tea and plum wine.

Price: Although its small, this one of the most expensive candles on our list in terms of price per ounce. The travel candle costs $14 for a 4oz candle ($3.50 per ounce), but you have the freedom to take it with you anywhere you go! We still think it’s worth it for the beautiful label design and refreshing scent.

DL and Co Skull Candle


  1. Gold Skull Metal Candle Holder with Swarovski Crystals by D.L. & Co

We’re wrapping up this list with a candle that definitely isn’t for everyone. Beyond the spendy price tag, this candle has a very specific look that does not go with every décor style. However, if you are looking for an extremely unique piece that you’ll never want to get rid of, this may be the candle for you!

This gold colored candle holder is embellished with Swarovski crystals and features a diamond-shaped net design. Behind the net is a black container that holds the candle so it may be a bit specific for many design schemes. The most interesting feature is the gold skull that sits on top of the lid. We love how different and interesting this candle is from its delicate crystal-embellished net to the skull on top!

The candle’s fragrance is a sweet scent heavy with orange from mandarin zest and orange blossoms. It also has richer notes with coffee flower and cacao power. Most surprising, however, is the opium poppy scent, which comes from the scent of smoke emitted from a poppy flower pod when burned.

Price: Here’s where things get tough! This 11oz candle is $175 ($15.9 per ounce) and is far and away the most expensive one on our list. But for Swarovski crystals and a golden skull, it might just be worth it!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 7 best gold candles to use in your home! All of these candles go well in different rooms in the home and can make a great addition to your look and décor!