8 Best Rose Gold Candles

Rose gold has become an increasing design trend over the past couple of years. More and more people are choosing the color for jewelry as well as home décor. Instead of a traditional gold or silver, fashion-forward buyers are mixing it up with rose gold! We love rose gold for its gorgeous tone and for how well it pairs with neutrals like grays and whites. Plus in the right setting it adds warmth and a touch of color to a space!

Finding rose gold candles has become easier in the past few years as the shade has become more popular. However, it can still be difficult to find a beautiful rose gold candle that also has a great scent. Even worse, sometimes candles that are labeled “rose gold” end up a completely different color! We’ve weeded through the many rose gold candle options to find the very best candles to add to your design! Some of the candles below have more of a pink tone while others have more of a copper tone so you can find the right fit for your space.

Here are our top 8 best rose gold colored candles:

Pop Champagne by Jonathan Adler


  1. Pop Champagne Candle by Jonathan Adler

With a name like Pop Champagne, we had to include this stunner on our list! This candle not only has a beautiful holder but it comes in a fun box that makes it perfect as a gift. The actual container features a sleek, modern design in rose gold. While this shade is more copper toned than pink, we think it’s a great addition to any home using rose gold accents.

This candle also has a beautiful, subtle scent that goes well in many rooms. With sweet notes of grapefruit, raspberry and champagne accented with fresh fragrances of sage and mint, it’s the perfect addition to your home. Enjoy with a glass of bubbly! It’s the perfect gift for any celebration!

Price – This 8oz candle is priced at $42 normally and is currently $30.99 on Amazon. Even with the lower price, this candle isn’t cheap at $3.87 per ounce but the gorgeous design and great scent make it well worth the price! Plus the candle vessel is reusable once you have finished your candle so you have a piece of décor forever!

Paris by Michael Kors


  1. Paris Candle by Michael Kors

Next on the list is this beautiful, geometric candle from Michael Kors. While the designer may not be the first person you think of when looking for a candle, we love what he has done with this Paris Candle. The glass vessel is an interesting geometric shape with multiple triangle-shaped sides all in a rose gold finish. The glass has been metallized to create more of a true rose gold tone than some of the other candles on our list. The color and shape make it a great textural accent to any space!

The candle scent is on the sweeter side and more geared towards women overall. We like this scent in a bathroom or bedroom. The fragrance combines macaroons and violets for a distinctly Parisian smell. Get ready to go out for the night with this candle by your side!

Price – We were able to find this candle 50% off of the original $65 price tag. It’s a pretty expensive candle at the original price but we find it much more worthwhile at its sale price of $32.50. At the sale price, it comes in at $3.25 per ounce which isn’t bad for this gorgeous vessel.

Prosecco Rose by Voluspa


  1. Petite Decorative Tin Candle in Prosecco Rose by Voluspa

We are the first to admit that this candle tin is more of a pink rose gold than the traditional metal color. However, we love the look in a variety of décor styles. One of the smaller candles on our list, this is a perfect addition to a desk or office space or a mantel. The container itself is a simple, smooth shape reminiscent of the 1920s’ design and features a gold-tone on the inside. The lid is really the best part of this candle with a sun starburst pattern surrounding the name.

What is it about rose gold that pairs so well with bubbles? This candle is another one that you should definitely enjoy with a glass of bubbly and maybe a bubble bath. The scent is a mix of pink prosecco and rose petals for a delicate fragrance that fills the room without being overpowering.

Price – At just $9.00, this 4oz candle has the lowest overall price tag of all on our list. It is also well priced by the ounce at just $2.25 per ounce! We think it’s a great deal for a gorgeous piece that is easy to move around and use in many rooms in your house. Plus it’s a great addition to a gift box!

Rose Gold Candle by Boston Proper


  1. Rose Gold Candle by Boston Proper

This candle has one of the most whimsical designs on our list. It comes in a simple votive-shaped container with smooth sides and a fun starburst design on the front etched in the glass. The simple yet unique design stands out and is a great addition to any space in your house. We especially love it for its somewhat bohemian style!

The scent is great in many rooms but we think it fits perfectly in a kitchen or a library. The fragrance combines notes of fresh citrus along with earthy cinnamon and nutmeg. There are also sweet notes of rose and jasmine for the perfect finish. We love the bold and inviting scent that draws you in! It’s a great scent especially for fall and winter that warms you up and brightens your day with just the smell!

Price – This is one of the most expensive candles on our list at $49. Although the candle is large, at 9.4oz, the price tag still means you are paying $5.21 per ounce. We love this scent and design and think it is a great gift; however, it is definitely a spendy option and there are many other rose gold candles available.

Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco by Campri Blue


  1. Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco Gilded Faceted Jar by Capri Blue

Another gorgeous candle with a prosecco scent! If we have learned anything from this list of top rose gold candles, it is that bubbles are a must with any rose gold design! First off, we love the faceted jar that this candle comes in. It has fun geometric shapes that add great texture and interest to a room. We love this candle on a mantel or a makeup table! The color is a more true rose gold that is a great addition to your décor. Create custom combinations with their other four designs!

This candle has a fresh, sweet fragrance with notes of prosecco and pink grapefruit. We love the addition of the pink grapefruit for a fresh citrus scent. The fragrance also incorporates aromas of mimosa flower and violet for a beautiful finish. As the description says, ‘pairing this with a pitcher of mimosas and some friends is recommended, but not required.’

Price – Another one of the more expensive candles on our list, this beauty comes in at $40 for a 11oz jar ($3.64 per ounce). We definitely think it is worth it though for the glamorous candle jar and refreshing and relaxing scent. Plus it gives you a great excuse for mimosas!

Femme by Blackwood


  1. Femme by Blackwood

We are loving the designs from this Australian candle maker! The only drawback is that it is hard to find their candles in the U.S. However, we loved this candle enough to include it on our list. The candle vessel is a beautiful rose gold with a slightly more pink hue and a fun embossed design. We love the almost fleur-de-lis design look and it is a great addition for a rose gold design theme. Plus it adds some great texture to a room!

The fragrance is quite feminine with notes of vanilla, wood, and florals. It has a soft and delicate scent that is great throughout the house. While the smell is sweeter, the wood and musk fragrances help balance the candle to produce a scent that isn’t overpowering.

Price – The candle itself is quite small at just 100 grams or, for those of us in the States, just over 3.5oz. Priced at $19, it is definitely a more expensive option on our list at $5.43 per ounce. However, we think the embossed detail and its difficultly to find makes it potentially worth it if it fits with your look and design.

Rose Gold Jar by La Jolie Muse


  1. Rose Gold Jar Candle by La Jolie Muse

This candle combines the beauty of rose gold with the also trendy hexagon shape! The simplicity and yet uniqueness of this design truly makes it a great piece to add to your home décor. The candle container is a mirrored porcelain in a true rose gold shade. The sides of the container are all hexagons with triangle edges in between to create a truly lovely look and modern design! Plus the packaging makes it perfect to give as a gift!

The scent easily fills a large room without being overpowering or too heavy. The fragrance is a blend of gardenia and cilantro essential oils. We love this unique pairing for the fresh aroma it gives off. The gardenia adds a rich, perfume scent while the cilantro is fresh and citrusy. Together they balance one another nicely to create a scent that is perfect for summer. We love this candle throughout the house but especially in kitchens, bathrooms and great rooms.

Price – This is the biggest candle on our list by far at 27oz and coincidentally the cheapest. At just $30 (just over $1 per oz), it is definitely worth the price given how long it will last and the gorgeous vessel. We love this look and think it is worth the price to add to your décor!

Monogram Candle by Liberty and Wolf


  1. Bespoke Collection by Liberty & Wolf London

We are wrapping up our list of the best rose gold candles with this bespoke candle from Liberty & Wolf London. As yet another overseas candle maker on our list, the candles are a bit harder to get in the States. However, we think this is one of the best gifts for the candle lover and rose gold aficionado in your life! While the body of the candle vessel is not rose gold, the protective lid is a mirrored rose gold and the text is a rose gold foil. The actual body of the candle vessel is a clear glass that shows the creamy white candle behind it.

The best part, however, about this candle is the customization. You choose one of four delightful scents and the initials you want them to monogram on the front of the candle. The finished product is a beautiful, bespoke candle that is the perfect gift. Plus they have a rose gold wick trimmer you can buy to round out this candle-lover’s dream gift!

The four scents all offer something different. Our favorite is the fresh Bodhi which combines notes of jasmine flower and green tea for a warm and inviting scent. You can also choose from the Nyx which has fragrances of lotus wood, black cherry and peppercorn for a sweet and spicy scent or the Dita with a light, floral fragrance of blackberry and tea rose. Last but not least, you can select the Saint which is a warm, summery scent with fig and amber notes! With four great choices, you can’t go wrong!

Price – The candle is priced in pounds so you’ll have to get out your conversion calculator for this one! The 220g candle (approx. 7oz) costs £59 but don’t forget that it is a custom piece with your (or a friend’s) monogram on it! It is definitely one of the most expensive options on our list but for the bespoke nature and gorgeous look, we think it just may be worth it especially if you are looking for a gift to blow someone away!

That does it for our list of the best rose gold candles! We tried to include a variety of looks, styles and rose gold tones so you can find the perfect fit for your décor theme! Overall, most of the options we found were on the more expensive side; however, when you need a candle that also functions as a design feature, sometimes the high price tag is worth it!