9 Best Sources for Decorative Matchboxes

Finding a great decorative matchbox can be hard, especially when you want longer matches. Most matches you buy at the store either have short match sticks or, even worse, are the flimsy ones found in matchbooks. We love the large 4-inch matchboxes that last longer and generally look better as décor paired with a candle. Plus you have way less danger of burning yourself with the longer matches!

If you don’t have a great matchbox that fits in with your style, you may find yourself playing the game of trying to hide normal matchboxes behind nearby photos or in drawers. A fun, decorative matchbox can solve all of those problems and become a great talking piece for guests.

While candles are a dime a dozen in any home goods store worth its salt, decorative matchboxes are much harder to come by. Even a basic online search sometimes isn’t enough to find the matchbox design you are looking for. We have complied a list of our favorite places to get great matchboxes that feature beautiful designs and long matches!

Here are our top ten favorite sources for decorative matchboxes:

HomArt Dog Design     HomArt Paris design


  1. HomArt

HomArt is a wholesale seller of home décor items so you can’t buy directly from them. However, a number of online stores carry their gorgeous matchbox designs! HomArt has a variety of designs and looks for its matchboxes so there is really something for everyone! They also change the color of the match tip depending on the design so whatever design you pick, the matches are sure to coordinate!

HomArt Cocktail design   HomArt Barbershop design

If you are a dog lover, they have a number of different dog related matchbox designs. We also love their cocktail-related matchboxes with everything from a mint julep to a martini. It is definitely the perfect addition to your bar area! They also have a several more retro, illustrated designs as well as more modern looks with gold foil on a neutral background.

Price – For the size as well as the quality of design, these matchboxes are well-priced at around $3 per box. A number of different retailers carry their matchboxes online though so the price can vary slightly.

Prosperity candle match jar


  1. Prosperity Candle

Although Prosperity Candles sells more candles than matchboxes, we love their Skeem Matches. While it’s not technically a matchbox, their apothecary match bottles are absolutely adorable and a great addition to your home décor! We love this take on a traditional matchbox.

Each bottle has a strike patch on the front surrounded by a decorative label. They have designs in black, white and tan so there is a perfect neutral for any color palate. Each bottle has coordinating match tips as well to complete the design! These match bottles are great for anyone who wants a more vintage or old-fashioned look. We like them in bathrooms or on mantels for a bit of vintage charm!

Price – Matches this cute don’t come cheap! One bottle of about 60 4-inch matches costs $14. However, we think it’s worth it for the great glass bottle. After all, you can always refill the bottle with new matches after you run out!

Zibby Zabby flower candy skull    Zibby Zabby skull bouquet


  1. Zibby Zabby

You can find more funky, illustrated matchboxes at Zibby Zabby. Many of their boxes feature bright colors and fun drawings. If you are looking for something colorful and unique, this is the shop for you!

Zibby Zabby Valentines 1      Zibby Zabby Valentines 2

Some of our favorite designs are their sugar and daisy skull matchboxes as well as the intricately drawn skull bouquet box. We also love their vintage Valentines matchboxes. Both designs are a cute touch for a V-day gift box! All of the matchboxes come with matches in coordinating tips. The tip colors range from the traditional red and black to pink, green and orange.

Price – The Zibby Zabby matches are reasonable priced at $7.95 for a set of two. They pretty much only sell the matchboxes in sets of two, but it’s always nice to have a backup! The boxes all contain about 50 matches that are 4-inches long. Plus they offer free shipping!

Cocktails matchbox


  1. Belle + Blush

Belle + Blush sells everything from cosmetics to stationary. Although they don’t have a ton of matchbox designs (only 7 to be exact), we love what they do have. Their matchboxes are super cute and the perfect gift for your bestie! They mostly use pastel pinks and blues and all of the matchboxes have fun sayings on them.

I'm in love matchbox

Our favorites are the “Cocktails” matchbox and the “I’m In Love” matchbox. The first has a classic design with a black background and gold script lettering for “cocktails.” It’s the perfect addition to your bar area! The second features a pale blue-gray background with gold foil lettering that says “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday” on the front and “I’m In Love” on the side! Both are great gifts along with a scented candle.

Price – Their 4-inch matchboxes each have about 60 matches in them and cost $10 each. They also offer smaller matchboxes that are just over 2-inches with 75 matches for $6 each. While these definitely aren’t the cheapest matchboxes around, each design is super cute!

Island matchbox


  1. Michel Design Works

All of Michel Design Works’ matchboxes feature beautifully-drawn, intricate designs. They have more of an old school look and many of the designs look similar to a decorative stamp. There are a few seasonal designs for Christmas and 4th of July, but most of them feature nature or animals.

Tuscan fruits matchbox

One of our favorites is the Island matchbox that looks just like a postcard from a tropical island! With its drawing of waves breaking on the beach and colors of soft blues and greens, you almost feel like you’re there! We also love the boxes with fruits and vegetables like the Tuscan Grove matchbox which is perfect for a kitchen!

Price – While their matchboxes are not available for sale on their website, you can see many of their designs as well as a store locator to help find a retailer near you! Price can obviously vary some by retailer, you can buy many of their products on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Michel-Design-Works/b/ref=w_bl_hsx_s_ho_web_16952128011?ie=UTF8&node=16952128011&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Michel+Design+Works ).

Literary matchboxes in a bowl   Vintage peony matchbox


  1. Studio Portmanteau

We are obsessed with all things Studio Portmanteau. They started off exclusively selling decorative matchboxes and have now expanded somewhat into other paper products; however, their focus still remains on matchboxes! They have a wide range of designs and sizes for their matchboxes so there is really something for everybody!

Jane Austen matchboxes   Botanical matchbox

Their collection of large decorative matchboxes is smaller than some of their other offerings. One of our favorites, however, is the Peony Botanical matchbox featuring a gorgeous peony in gold foil on a burgundy matchbox. What they are really known for though are their literary matchboxes. Each is a standard 2-inch matchbox with about 16 matches. The matchboxes all feature different vintage covers of literary classics. Buy them individually, in sets of three (like the Jane Austen Library Trio) or in bulk so you get some of everything! They also have collections of botanical matchboxes and woodland creature matchboxes.

Price – The price varies by size and quantity. The larger 4 inch matchboxes are $6-$8 depending on the design while the smaller 2 inch matchboxes are $3. If you buy in bulk, you can also get discount pricing.

Leif gold confetti matchbox


  1. Leif

Leif sells just about everything home goods and more in between. They only have a single matchbox design but we loved it so much we had to include them on this list!

This 4½ inch matchbox is perfect for gifts and parties! We love the look of gold confetti on a smooth black matchbox. The confetti is foil-pressed into the matchbox for a gorgeous finish. And to top it all off, the matches are each tipped with neon pink! With these colors, the matchbox can fit in any number of décor schemes!

Price – These aren’t the cheapest matchboxes on the market at $8 per box but with the extra long matches and super cute design, they are definitely worth it!

White confetti BelloPop


  1. BelloPop

Our last two sources for great decorative matchboxes are on Etsy! The first seller is from Canada and has a bunch of fun designs. All of the designs are more abstract and artistic featuring shapes and bright colors.

BelloPop designed matchboxes

Only one of the matchboxes is the extra large 4-inch size that we love. The 4-inch matchbox has a white background with colorful confetti on one size and dots on the other. Their other matchboxes are all smaller and come in sets. Even though they are small, we love the designs on the smaller matchboxes. They have nine different designs and you can buy them in sets of 3, 6 or 9.

Price – The large matchbox is priced at just over $8 per box. The smaller matchboxes vary slightly in price depending on how many you buy. Each box is about $1.63 making it very affordable for a great decorative matchbox.

jar matchboxes


  1. Annechovie

Annechovie is another Etsy seller from Florida with some great matchbox designs. The designs mostly feature artistic renderings of different objects in bright colors that all scream Florida. There are a number of different looks for the matchbox designs, however, so it’s easy to find something that works for your décor style.

Monogramed chair matchbox   You strike my fancy matchbox

Some of our favorite designs are the Chinoiserie Jar series. Each matchbox has a beautiful and intricately detailed jar with a white, pink or orange background. We think they would look perfect on a table set for afternoon tea! We also love their “you strike my fancy” matchbox with the option of a pink or an orange background. Annechovie also sells designs that allow for the addition of a custom monogram either with their signature chair or Chinoiserie Jar drawing.

Price – The prices range from $8.50 to $10 for a set of three 2-inch matchboxes depending on the matchbox design. The monogrammed matchboxes go for $23 for a set of 9, which could make a great gift!

Matchboxes can be one of the most unique ways to express your style in a room! And are a great way to add a special touch to a gift. We hope this list of 9 sources for beautiful decorative matchboxes will help you find the perfect matchbox to fit your space!